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We provide professional Social Media Management services to get you noticed by customers more.
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As a social Media Agency. The Fishy Group will act as the eyes and ears of your brand as our own reputation depended on it.



Social Media Management does not have to be expensive to be effective.


Target Marketing

Understanding who you target market is and the market to that group in ways that attract new customers.



Keeping in mind that Social Media Management is ultimately Socializing with our client's customers as we promote the brand positively.


About Timesnaps™

The productivity of our services is never in doubt as well. We acknowledge that every penny spent in a bid to promote the sales of a company needs to be accounted far. We offer both, hourly and fixed price contracts to suit your needs and with any choice you make, you can be sure that The Fishy Group will give you value for your money. For hourly contracts, you are even capable of seeing how we are managing it all for you in real time, thanks to worksnaps (www.worksnaps.net). See, with our services, productive creativity is what guides us. By creating personalised designs for your profile, you can be sure that we portray the best image of your company and its services to an audience that is already captivated.


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We also offer custom packages to fit your specific needs.
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